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Time Schedule for Kyoto Travel 2007/10/31 21:52
Kyoto City
Hi Everyone,
I really need some help with planning this trip to Kyoto.
Many thanks in advance.

Here are the places I have planned to travel.

I have the bus no. to travel to each location already, but I cannot find how long will each bus ride take.
Pls. help me as my traveling parent wants to know everything........

Kyoto Station to Kinkakuji

Kinkakuji to Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle to Jishoji

Jishoji to Kiyomis

Finally, kiyomis to kyoto station

It will be a long half day trip for me, therefore, if the traveling time is too much, then I will cancel some visiting location, as I have to get back to Osaka by 4pm.

Thanks so much everyone.

Martha - Lonelymm
by Lonelymm  

Kyoto by bus 2007/11/1 12:00
I don't know the exact answers, but I think you will have to hurry up and see all those sights. Here is a website that can help you get a feel for the different places that you want to visit.

Good luck.
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