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Type of jacket for Dec in Japan 2007/10/31 22:23
Hi! I'm from a tropical country and visiting Japan(Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka) with my friends this December.I have yet to buy a winter coat and not sure if the materials are warm enough for the weather during that period.

1) 100% cotton, faux fur lined, detachable faux fur trim

2) 100% lambswool, zip and horn toggle closure, tonal trim detailing, detachable faux fur trim

3) 100% soft twill cotton, faux fur lined, detachable faux fur trim, zip and toggle closure

May I know if these 3 are suitable for December (15-25 Dec)?

Thanks for all replies!! :)
by hucklebecko  

... 2007/11/1 10:54
Hmm...I think wool is better than cotton. And once you are inside (train, malls and hotels) it is very warm. Try to wear layers of thin clothes under the jacket. Kyoto is colder than Tokyo, by the way.
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thick coat needed 2007/11/1 12:59
I wear a medium weight down-filled jacket in winter in Tokyo. The wool jacket might be okay with a good sweater underneath it, but you will freeze to death in cotton.
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Wooly all the way! 2007/11/2 05:21
i pick #2.

You need any wool, lambswool is fine.

No cotton here@!!!!

This is not a tropical country, unless you head to Sakurajima, Kagoshima, Miyazaki, or Hakata.

Kyoto is central, you need your wool everything==gloves, socks, toque, sweater.............
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Toque... 2007/11/2 09:38
Translation for non-Canadians: a "toque" is a woolly hat.
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um.. 2007/11/2 17:30
Is this for a male or female?
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Toque is like a bonnet 2007/11/2 21:45
Hey Sira,
Are you Canadian? Thanks for the Toque translation.

I always thought that was standard english, not Canadian English.

Main Entry: toque
Pronunciation: ˈtk
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle French, soft hat with a narrow brim worn especially in the 16th century, from Old Spanish toca headdress
Date: 1505
1 : a woman's small hat without a brim made in any of various soft close-fitting shapes
2 : tuque
3 : a tall brimless hat worn by a chef called also toque blanche

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