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JR Sobu Line 2007/10/31 22:33
Tokyo 23-ku
What time does the Sobu Line close? I cannot find a website with this information. I plan to take the Sobu Line from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station.

Hope you can help! Many thanks!

by B  

... 2007/11/1 10:11
It appears that the last Sobu train (rapid) leaves Narita Airport at 10:16.

If you are later there is one more train, on the Keisei line that leaves at 10:41 but requires a transfer to the Sobu line at Funabashi. The Keisei and Sobu lines are not in the same building at Funabashi and req. a 5 min walk between them.

check out for train times.
by yllwsmrf rate this post as useful

Sobu Lin 2007/11/1 10:27
Thank you. Will I need to transfer to any other lines/trains if I take the Sobu Line from Narita to Tokyo?
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. 2007/11/1 10:47
Its a Sobu Line rapid train, Rapid trains run from Narita Airport to Tokyo on different schedules then regular Sobu Line trains which run to different stations on different time tables. There's about one an hour from Narita Airport to Tokyo. The last one leaves around 9pm.

Regular Sobu Line trains can run up to a little past midnight (depending on what station you are at)

Since you are taking a Sobu Line Rapid train from Narita Airport to Tokyo there is no transfer required.

The Keisei Limited Express runs more trains out of Narita Airport into Nippori where you can transfer to JR lines, or to Funabashi Station where you can change to the JR Sobu Line as well.
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... 2007/11/1 11:39
Hey John,
I don't have a copy of the JR timetables handy at the moment, but can you confirm that 9:00 is the last Sobu rapid? Jorudan lists 10:16 and I'm having trouble finding info on any of the sobu rapids on hyperdia.
by yllwsmrf rate this post as useful

. 2007/11/1 12:14
I was guessing at the top of my head it would be around 9pm since there's one about every hour at the top of the hour.

22:16 appears to be the last departure.

On hyperdia it is a bit tricky to get, because its one of the slower options with fewer departures, you got to deselect limited express, then enter some stop stations like narita and chiba and it pops up, occasionally.

With a package like Suica and NEX and Keisei Line trains, not many incentives to take the JR Rapid from Narita Airport.
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... 2007/11/1 13:30
thanks John.
Yea, I'd use the suica/nex package if possible. I can understand the OP's worries though, having been nearly stranded myself when arriving at Haneda.
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... 2007/11/1 22:24
Thanks John! So since I arrive Narita at 8:30pm, I can take the Sobu Line Rapid Service to Tokyo Station with no transfer =)
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. 2007/11/2 01:52
You can, but if you can take the Narita Express take the Narita Express.

Understand that the Sobu Line is a regular commuter train vs the limited express train of the Narita Express, so the seating arrangment is different.
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