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tokyo feb 2008 2007/11/1 21:32
Tokyo 23-ku
What kind of clothes would i need for tokyo to keep warm? i'll be there from feb 12-18, 2008.
by Wilfred  

very warm ones 2007/11/2 09:48
A thick coat, preferable wool or down-filled if you are going to be outside a lot, plus a warm sweater, hat, gloves if you get cold hands, warm trousers and a scarf. Dress for temps of 10 degrees C or less.
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Clothes 2007/11/2 11:53
Hi Wilfred

It's funny, I asked the exact same question and was told that Tokyo doesn't get any colder than a Perth or Melbourne winter!!!

I had a laugh with my husband about it - because Perth (Western Australia) winters are around 18c-20c average, and Melbourne are around 15c average - still much warmer than Tokyo! And I've never needed a wool coat or down filled jacket!

I suggest gloves and a scarf for sure - as hands and necks seem to let all the cold in.

I think as the average day time temp isn't above 10c, and at night drops below zero - that a very warm coat over a jacket would be good. That way you can take the coat off indoors.

Layering is the key!
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temperature 2007/11/2 12:18
Natalie said "It's funny, I asked the exact same question and was told that Tokyo doesn't get any colder than a Perth or Melbourne winter!!!"

Whoever told you this is clearly wrong!! Last winter was warm, with a lot of daytime maximum temperatures above 10 degrees.

However, the average max/min in Tokyo for February is -1/9.
The same corresponding period in Melbourne (August, last month of winter) is 6/15.

That means the temperature difference is 6-7 degrees.

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attakai 2007/11/2 17:41
-------What kind of clothes would i need for tokyo to keep warm?-------

Warm winter clothes, you may want to add gloves and other accesories. Extent of what kind will vary according to individuals, some like it casual and some like to wear dressier coats and etc.
You can also use hot pacs such as 'PokaPoka' (envelope stuff that gets warmand radiate heat) which you can buy in the pharmacy or any drug stores and keep body temperature up. Stick it in your pants pockets or in your jacket pockets. Some of these lasts 24 hours.
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Re: 2007/11/3 00:11
Thx for answering my question. Greatly appreciate the help given. I'm from Singapore btw. Any suggestions for food within tokyo itself? i'll be staying in ikebukuro. but anywhere else would be fine. just not too far :)
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... 2007/11/3 10:45

I may add at that time of the year in Tokyo depending on the climate changes, if you're the type of person who wears suits most of the time eventhough you're from Singapore, you can pretty much get around by just wearing suits and a over coat. That would be warm enough.
Not so sure about good eatery places or fine restaurants in Ikebukuro, you may check with your hotel. I'm sure there are plenty of places to eat there as in Shinjuku.
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