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Onsen in central Tokyo - tatoos? 2007/11/2 01:10
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi, am looking for an Onsen in Tokyo to visit with my wife Preferably something easy to get to, ie central Tokyo, or at least and easy trip on the train to get to it (preferably not more than an hour or two). I really like the look of Oedo Onsen, but also LaQua looks good. However, both websites say that no people with tatoos will be admitted. Is this really the case? I don't have any tattoos, but my wife has two small ones - one on her shoulder, and one on her upper arm (a cartoon devil, and a dolphin). They are small, perhaps 2-3 inches each.

Can anyone recommend any other Onsen that would suit us and wouldn't turn us away because of the tattoos? Hopefully somewhere that has something else to do... so onsen, massage, restaurant, shopping...

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... 2007/11/2 11:50
Tatoo has long been a symbol of Yakuza Mafia and that's why many public baths and onsen had no-tatto policy. I don't think your wife (with a small fasionable tatto) will have a trouble entering onsen but neither Laqua nor Oedo Onsen has mixed-gender bath. You will be seperated from your wife once inside...
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