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Please help about Kyoto - Nara 2007/11/2 01:53
Dear All,

please kindly advice my plan if i should change something?

first day
- From Hotel at Namba to Uji Sta (Byodoin)
- To Nara, visit Kasuga shrine, Todaiji
- Pass by Kofukuji to see the pagoda
- Back to Hotel

second day (stay in Kyoto)
- To Kyoto sta, check in Hotel
- Nijo Castle
- Kitano Temmangu Shrine
- Toei Uzumasa
- To Arashiyama (Hanatouro Festival Start at 5 PM)
- To Kiyomizu (Light up festival until 9 PM)

third day
- Put luggage at Coin locker at Keihan Shijo sta.
- Gingakuchi
- Kinkakuji
- Nishiki Market - Yasaka Shrine & Gion
- To Fushimi Inari at NIGHT TIME
- Back to Osaka

Thank you very much

by bikka  

Kyoto- Nara 2007/11/2 17:13
1-to start with you should stay in the same hotel in either Osaka or Kyoto..
2-your itinerary is much too full every single day. after 8 trips I now know that it always takes longer than one think to go anywhere.
3-Fushimi- Inari shrine at night??
I was there last week and walked the longer route, up the front of the mountain and down by the back. at 3 pm it was already darkish in the woods, especially the back part where I was all alone, no more tourists!. .also there are several trails that branche out and it might be hard to see the right one at night. I had to use whatever Sunshine I could glimpse far away troug hte woods to be sure I was going the right way..most of the route goes up and down stairs that are steep at time. there are lights but not under the toriis, they are outside only and not that many either. I also t ink that you would miss most of the colour that makes the torii so beautiful.. BUT that's only my opinion. however I stand by point #1: too much, way too much..
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yep 2007/11/3 00:24
I agree - a bit too much for each day. Among other things, I'd somehow include Kinkakuji with Arashiyama to reduce travel times. Unless you're a film nut or have kids along, I'd eliminate Toei Uzumasa.
Fushimi Inari is a late afternoon, not night attraction. If you fall and break a leg in the darkness, you can plan to be there until morning.
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^^ 2007/11/4 02:45
Thank you very much
i understand that it's too tight for each day
but someplace we plan not to enter the site
just pass by and take a photo of the building, such as Nijo castle

because we have to transfer the bus there anyway

thanks for the idea of going in the same zone

now i move Kinkakuji to another day that i will go kitano temmangu already

and also move Fushimi Inari to 5 PM

thank you for your kindly help
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... 2007/11/4 08:16
someplace we plan not to enter the site just pass by and take a photo of the building, such as Nijo castle

Just note that the most spectacular parts of the castle cannot be seen from outside.

and also move Fushimi Inari to 5 PM

It will be dark by 5pm. If you plan on walking the torii gate covered trails, I think the lower areas are lit up, but I doubt that the upper areas will be lit up. I imagine it to be a somewhat scary adventure.
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photos 2007/11/5 01:10
And remember that you can't take photos inside Nijo Castle.
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