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Lion on two legs, clothing brand? 2007/11/3 00:52
Hi, this may sound alittle stupid, but anyway, one of my favourite guitarists from Japan, Kurikinton Fox, wears this sweater in some of his videos, and I REALLY liked the look of it, it's black with white stripes down the sleeves(/arm-things) and the logo seems to be on the chest, it's a lion, possibly a griff, standing on it's backlegs, does anyone know if this is a japanese brand?

(Haha, first time I ever have been interested in fashion-ish stuff.)

by Erick  

... 2007/11/3 17:14
Lion on 2 legs...
It seems the logo of "PEUGEUT" to me.
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Hm... look here 2007/11/3 22:17
Look here, he uses it in these videos...



The lion is facing to the right, so it isn't Peguoet :(
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lion 2007/11/4 21:07
it looks like Paulsmith but its so small to recognize.
if it is Paulsmith,then it's called R.Newbold

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Pringle 2009/1/25 09:36
It is probably Pringle of Scotland
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Mossimo 2009/1/26 00:09
I think its Mossimo... I bought pair of pants when I was in the states a while back and it has the same lion logo on it.

Anyway the label of my pants says Mossimi Supply Co.
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One more thing 2009/1/26 00:11
It's not a Japanese brand, that much I know.
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