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rage against the machine 2007/11/3 22:21

i was wondering the best way to buy rage against the machine tickets for the 10th february show in tokyo. i come from australia, and i know the shows in sydney and melbourne sold out in 2 minutes or something ridiculous.

we will be in australia when the tickets go on sale and are really keen to go see them. we heard that it would be good to the tickets through some people who live in japan (and can also speak the language decently) but we are do not know too many, and the ones we do know might be a bit unreliable, and dont really realise that the tickets need to be purchased right after they go on sale. there are also quite a few of us wanting tickets (7), so that cause a dilemma as well.

so whats the best way to go about this and secure ourselves a ticket?

by fox  

RATM 2007/11/4 11:13
08/2/7 in Osaka
08/2/9,10,11 in Chiba

for Osaka,general & advance tiket is now on sale.
For Chiba,pre-reserve tiket is sold out and tikets will be on sale from 17th of November.


Become member of e+ (smash)and reserve your ticket on-line or some one pick them up for you at Ticket Center in Japan.

*Some ticket center limits the number of ticket sold per person.
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???? Help me please. 2007/11/6 00:24
Im also an aussie...and my school classes in japanese didnt pay off! The link here is confusing. I thought that it would be cool to buy a couple of tickets and make a holiday out of it. Is there an english version to the link??? Can the aussie guy here please email me or respond here...to let me know how he got on. Thanks man. Appreciate it. (ebay tix for sydney are crazy!)
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rage tix 2007/11/6 10:22
hey guys I'm in Japan, I'll get the tickets for you. email me at hamaguc1@yahoo.com soon.
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/ 2007/11/6 20:27
thanks for the replies

yeh im not sure how to sign up with e+. Im planning to buy/reserve the tickets early on the 17th, and hopefully the site will not be confusing as i know zero japanese. im also emailing a guy to see if he pick them up in tokyo.
buy this whole international ticket buyin is all a bit strange and new so hopefully everything turns out all good

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RATM 2007/11/7 06:31
If Shu can buy tickets for you then it'll be much easier and faster,so i hope it works out alright for you :D Ciao
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sweet 2007/11/7 12:59
getting the pre-sale tickets today. I'm goin to the saturday show in Tokyo. Keep me posted if I can help you with anything. That eplus site is pretty confusing.
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Also needing translation 2007/11/7 14:25
Hey I am also in the boat of wanting to get tickets. But not understanding Japanese. Is there a way to book online for us english mono language people?

I have tried the translations but not working.

Anyone have any advice?


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Hmmmm. 2007/11/8 16:23
This is not a personal thing Shu. But in general...my problem is (putting aside costs of flights accomodation etc) ISsssssss Without actually knowing anyone in Japan...how can i possibly send money over to get me tickets? I cant rule out the simple fact...that some people would atke the money and run. And of all things...to have that happen over a Rage concert! Well that ain't fun. I need a sure bet way...to know im not sending my money into the back pocket of someone/anyone. Any thoughts on that? I hope you can see my point. I know my friends...and i don't know strangers. Simple. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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ticket 2007/11/8 21:13
hi Adrian and others

If sending money is worrisome to you since you have hard time trusting total stranger,then may i sugest you this plan B.
if you are planning to go see the show with several people from the same country. then find 1 person to go Japan and buy tickets on Nov.17th.
If there are 10 of you,then share the trip cost by 10.
So if the flight cost 500dollors then each person cover 50 to keep the damage low as much as possible.
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Hmmmm 2007/11/11 10:42
Hodad...unfortunately the funds/money needed to that kind of plan B is...just out of my range. Getting the money for the trip itself will be a hard enough time. If i can go...it would be with around abouts 3 people.

A side question. Is Osaka expensive? I heard Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world...whats Osaka like? Accomodation...food...transport wise???
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not exp at all! 2007/11/11 17:15
I really wouldn't call tokyo expensive especially considering the fantastic exchange rate with the AUD.

Clothes, food etc are comparable to what it costs in Oz or cheaper and of better quality. not expensive in my opinion. Osaka as well..not expensive.
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ok 2007/11/12 10:50
i hear ya. it's totally understandable. no offense taken.

06-6535-5569 osaka show

03-3444-6751 tokyo show

are the phone operators from the advertisements. most japanese speak some/little english, and there's usually someone at the office that can help. tix sales start 17th of Nov, 10am Japanese time.

What would probably help the language thing, would be tell them the dates and venue first. Februrary is ''ni ga tsu''

7th is ''na no ka''
9th is ''ko ko no ka''
10th is ''to o ka''

and ''OSAKA CASTLE HALL'' or ''MAKUHARI HESSE'' (tokyo venue)

you should be ok.
Try saying ''Re ee ji ah ge in su to za ma she ee nn'' slowly. credit cards are probably necessary. Hopefully they won't need you to provide Japanese addresses and what not. American ticket master needed it, I don't know why.
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rage against the machine japan tour 2007/11/16 16:46
i call this number 03 3444 6751
they tell me that you can buy ticket on every lawson combini (for those how are in japan)they give me a code i don't know why
they where not very clear about
when you can start buing ticket the guy tell me 10 AM then 6 am or PM i'm not sure.
so if anyone have more informations about that please tell me.
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Translation help? 2007/11/16 21:28
Hi, I bought tickets online through a friend, I got the confirmation email (or what I think is the confirmation email) but because its in Japanese I can't udnerstand a word of it. My friend in Japan has gone MIA and I can't seem to contact him.

Can I get someone to read the email and give me a reply as to what it says? I'm not sure if I have to reply back to the site and choose the tickets I want or whatever.

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RATM 2007/11/16 22:22

nevermind1220,if you are in Japan,then of course you can purchase tickets at Lawson Lopi machine. you must enter the code they gave you to order specificly for RATM.

Shwin,i dont exactly sure what your situation is but if your friend bought the ticket for you then you better find him asap. did you alwedy paid for it? how are you planning to get your tickets?

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RATM 2007/11/17 11:13
i cant buy tickets!! im in south korea, tried calling but i just get a pre recorded message in japanese. ive tried the website but it says my postal code is invalid....any suggestions about how to sort this out would be appreciated!!
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ratm 2007/11/17 11:16
oh and shwin, try copying your email into this translator


i know it wont be EXACTLY correct but it should give you an idea if this is a confirmation email or not!
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RATM 2007/11/17 11:32

Simon,number you calling is Smash yes? This office is just an agent and closed for weekend. You must call ticketing center for informations.
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ratm 2007/11/17 11:42
ahhh, cool thanks! i dont suppose you would know a telephone number for one of the ticket centers? i have a feeling that 9th feb is sold out already....
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