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Osaka Castle 2007/11/3 23:55
Osaka City
Can anyone tell me how to get to Osaka Castle from ShinOsaka Station? How long is the journey? I have a JR Rail Pass. Thank you.
by Francis  

... 2007/11/4 07:28
It is a 15 minute train ride by JR trains via Osaka Station. Enter "Shin-Osaka" and "Osakajokoen":
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Castle? 2007/11/4 13:35
There are info desks at all
major staions there and by
central exit on right is a good one at Shin Osaka.
Don't forget there are other
museums in the grounds and close by to which I found to be very interesting. Osaka castle looks nice outside but the inside is not to my taste.
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Real Castles 2007/11/4 14:33
There are actaully two REAL & Original castles (not rebuilt in concrete like Osaka Castle) within one hour of Shin Osaka.

Himeji Castle is only 38 minutes by Shinkansen, and Hikone Castle is 53 min (shinkansen to Maibara then JR Biwako line)

These are two of the 12 orginal castles in Japan, and two of the four National Treasure castles.
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Osaka castle 2007/11/4 16:03
The few previous posts are all very true but Osaka castle is still interesting for the park (especially when the cherry trees are blooming) and the huge stone walls (near one gate check stones that are bigger than a man).
one amazing view of the castle is from one of the towers in the business centre across the river.
And of course anyone going to Osaka's Universal studios and/ or Tokyo's Disneyland isn't likely to worry very much about historical accuracy.. At least the castle looks really good from the outside..
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Osaka vs Himeji Castles 2007/11/4 16:24
If I have only one afternoon in Osaka, which do you think would be a better castle to visit - Osaka Castle or Himeji Castle? We would have a JR Pass. This is would be the 1st time my kdis and I visit a castle. Thanks in advance for your advice.
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Castle 2007/11/4 16:38
HIMEJI wins hands down!
the castle is a real one which means that the whole interior (in wood) is the real thing! in addition it is bigger and more beautiful, with 3 towers of different sizes near one another, and finally the gardens around it are great. try to leave Osaka close to noon, 1 pm at the latest.
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Himeji for sure 2007/11/4 18:13
Hi I visted both 2 years ago
and loved Himeji.
The walk into the grounds and
up to castle is great.
Shoes off before entering and
wearing small slippers provided and up step ladders but all ages were doing it when we were there.
From a defence point of view a real masterpiece.
I waited till outside grounds before eating or drinking and had lovely lunch close to train staion
before going back to Osaka.
Go and enjoy
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Thanks! 2007/11/4 22:06
Thanks for all the responses. I may now go to Himeji. can't go very wrong with a UNESCO Heritage site.
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Himeji Castle 2007/11/4 22:08
Looks like we will visit Himeji! Thanks for the advice.
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