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winter weather/clothes 2007/11/3 23:58
I'll be in Japan from 30th december 2007 to 9th january 2008.
I'll stay in Tokyo, in Kyoto and I probably go to a shukubo in Koya-san.
What's the weather like in these 2 regions, that period?
What clothes do you suggest to pack?
Thanks for help!
by alessia 74  

... 2007/11/4 07:32
Average daytime high: 11 degrees
Average nighttime low: 3 degrees

Average daytime high: 10 degrees
Average nighttime low: 2 degrees

Average daytime high: 4 degrees
Average nighttime low: -3 degrees
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I love shopping. 2007/11/6 01:51

or just go shopping there. lots of stuff to buy at Uniqlo Dept store, Japan's #1 clothing store.

I love shopping.
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Thank you 2007/11/6 18:39
Thank you both... I was worried someone told me it was like Island in wintertime!!!
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I love shopping 2007/11/6 21:59
Hi, is there a Uniglo in Osaka? Thanks.
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no idea 2007/11/6 22:02
I have no idea Susie, i'm sorry - don't even go to osaka...
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uniqlo stores are everywhere even in nyc 2007/11/7 03:14
.uniqlo Stores are at the Onohara ... Shinsaibashi and Umeda in Osaka have fabulous shopping.
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