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Matsumoto - 2d1n or 3d2n? 2007/11/4 00:01
Do we need 2 nights in Matsumoto or is 1 night good enough to cover the sights there?

We are interested in visiting Matsumoto Castle and the Daio Wasabi Farm.

Anyone heard about the Yamabe Farm? Is it worth going?

Any other places/things we should see in Matsumoto or nearby?

Thanks for all advices and suggestions.

by stella  

... 2007/11/4 07:36
Two days should be enough for just the castle and wasabi farm.

Kamikochi (also located within the city limits, but far away from the city center in the mountains) is also worth seeing outside winter:
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2days? 2007/11/4 11:19
Hi Uji,

Thanks for the reply. What happens is that we will only reach Matsumoto earliest around 11:10am. So the plan goes like this:

12nn - Lunch, Wasabi Farm & Azumino area (3hrs with lunch, enough to cover all?)
3:30pm - Matsumoto Castle & Kaichi School

Possible? Or too rushed?

Thanks again!

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... 2007/11/4 18:19
Sorry, I have not been to the wasabi farm. I don't know how much time is required for a visit.

The gates to enter Matsumoto Castle close at 16:30. You must be out by 17:00.
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- - 2007/11/5 01:05
It also depends on how far you're traveling when you leave Matsumoto. To do more than see the castle (which is interesting), I'd suggest two nights. The Tokyu Inn is near the station, reasonable, and quite nice. Has a good 'viking' breakfast buffet.
The Ukiyo-e Museum is also interesting, but is a taxi ride out of town. I'd recommend the local train to Narai, which has the look of an old Tokaido town straight out of a Hiroshige print. But, that would take most of another day. If you're coming by 'limited express Shinano' from Nagoya, take some dramamine or ginger before departing! It's like traveling in a low flying airplane that's avoiding flak!
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