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buy car for foreigners 2007/11/5 01:09
Is it possible to buy a used car for foreigners? I would like to buy small car for one or two months. I would like to visit many cities in Japan. After that I would like to sell this car.
by Szymer  

... 2007/11/5 09:21
It is possible but probably not practical.

Here's the steps I had to go through to buy my car (it may vary based on where you are purchasing the car):

I needed to provide copies of my Alien Registration card, registration card for my name seal, and get a form from the police that states that I have a proper parking space that can fit the car.

Now while all of these are obtainable, it will take at least a day to get these forms. Then they have to be processed and the car has to be transfered to you. This took between 1-2 weeks for most of the cars I've bought.

I think that unless you have someone in Japan that will help you with the process or perhaps even buy the car for you before you arrive, then it probably isn't worth the time and effort.

Hopefully other people have suggestions or perhaps have done this and can offer better advice.
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