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spring 2008 concert? 2007/11/5 07:22
i want to visit japan next march 2008. so i wonder if is there any spring concert/concert tour by either yamapi/ news/ arashi during that time?if there is any, can i book the ticket online?i need this info since i want to plan my first visit to japan and hopefully i have a chance to meet with those artist during my visit..thanks for entertain my question
by nourule  

dou ka na... 2007/11/15 01:55
I haven't heard anything about spring concerts yet but if you are hoping to get tickets, you'll have to be a member of the Johnny's Jimusho fanclub. Unfortunately, to join the fanclub, you need a Japanese address...

News has a Winter tour from the 15 December ~ 27 January so they probably won't be having a spring one as well so soon after. As for Arashi...who knows?
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Y 2008/3/6 17:51
Yes, I am looking for News Spring Concert!
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. 2008/3/6 21:47
You can always buy tickets without being in the fanclub, through Yahoo Japan auctions, its how lots of people have done it before, but it's a little complicated, and you might not succeed... I suggest joining Livejournal, and then join various communities such as news_jpop, arashi_on or kattunlove... there, all your questions have been answered loads of times over! ^^
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