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Art Supplies online, Aomori 2007/11/5 21:25
Does anyone know any sites where I can order art supplies online in Japan? Or any art good art stores in Aomori (I'm near Towada).

Specifically, I'm looking for a fixative spray for charcoals and pencil, some brands I used in my home country were Krylon and Prismacolor.

by Desa  

Ideas 2007/11/6 09:39
First of all, I think what you are looking for is callled 'setchaku-zai' in Japanese. An amateur artist myself, I have bought cans of it at art supply stores ('gaza-ya') in both Hirosaki and Morioka. Aomori City will certainly have such a store.

My suggestion is to call Towadako tourist information (the Aomori one, at Yasumiya) and ask for contact details for gazaya in Aomori or Hirosaki. Keep it simple, as it isn't their usual beat. Then call the store and ask them what they suggest about sending it to you.

The TIC on the south (Akita) side of the lake is friendlier, but the Aomori one is more alert to other cities in the prefecture.

Of course, if you are on the Akita side you might try the TIC at Kazuno Hanawa. They are friendly, too.

Art supplies are quite widely available, especially if there are schools in the area.

Good luck!
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