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Best time to travel around Japan? 2007/11/5 21:34
Hi there,

2008 being our final year at university, me and a couple of friends plan to travel across Japan for 3-4 weeks. We're only available during semester breaks (i.e. at the end of June till the third week of July, and the last week of November till January).

Currently, we're more inclined to travel during the summer months of June/July since the days are much shorter in the winter months. Our only concern is that June/July seems to be the rainy season.

Would you have any advice on the best choice of months to travel around Japan?
by Jon  

rainy season 2007/11/6 10:07
Although it is known as the rainy season in June and July, it does not mean that it is always raining. There are sunny days at intervals, so you don't have to warry about it too much. Start from Kyushu and go to Hokkaido via the main island. Hokkaido has no rainy season and cooler than Kyushu. It is more interesting to travel along the coast lines of the Japan sea and also visit the Japan Alps.
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... 2007/11/7 08:35
Late November and December is also a great time to travel in Japan. The weather tends to be good (except Hokkaido) and you cans still catch some autumn leafs until early December. But it can get cold.
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