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Tokyu Hands 2007/11/6 15:17
We love to patronize Tokyu Hands whenever we are visiting Tokyo even though we are not buying anything in particular but just window-shopping. There are any similar stores like TH carrying all sorts of quality household goods and merchandise in Tokyo or other cities in Japan ? Thank you!
by tju  

Loft 2007/11/6 16:11
Loft is similar to Tokyu Hands though the range of products are slightly different - maybe Loft is a little more posh than TH.
You'll find LOFT in Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Marunouchi, Kichijoji (all within Tokyo) also in several other cities.
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Tokyo Hands?Loft 2007/11/6 16:19
That is wonderful, thank you very much! We will shop at Loft in our next trip as to compare them with Tokyu Hands. Great!
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. 2007/11/6 16:22
You're welcome.
If you're going to Shibuya, Loft is on the way to TH.
Their sign is black logo on the bright yellow so you won't miss it. ;)
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LOFT @ Marunouchi .... 2007/11/6 16:29
Thanks for the direction, we should not miss it. Most probably, we would go to the Marunouchi/Otemachi branch, which is closer to the hotel we will be staying. Thank you!
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MUJI 2007/11/6 19:35
If you like household goods, you might enjoy going to one of the many MUJI branches.
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VV 2007/11/7 00:23
It is a little bit defferent, but Villege Vanguard is lovely.

Especially, Shimokitazawa Brunch!

2-10-15 Kitazawa
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
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