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Charms & beads for jewelry in Tokyo? 2007/11/6 17:04
Hi, wondering if anyone knows where to get charms and beads for jewelry making in Tokyo?

Hope to find those pretty flowery decor that you can stick on charms as well as pretty intricate charms.

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samantha? 2007/11/7 09:39
may i ask where in Tokyo you are in? because i would recomend you a YUZAWA-YA store but these shops are located out side 23ku area(Machida,Tachikawa,Tokorojawa or Kichijoji)

Yuzawa-Ya Kichijoji is about 20 minuets from Shinjuku station btw and its located right nixt to the JR station and you can find just about anything there. i use Yuzawa-Ya all the time. Price is reasonable comparing to TokyuHands or Loft.


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Asakusabashi 2007/11/7 10:16
Though I cannot find an English map, Asakusabashi (ó‘‹´) is regarded as a heaven for beads-lovers. 40-45 beads-related shops are concentrated in this district.

This is a Japanese map showing beads-related shops near Asakusabashi. Green-colored box shows JR Asakusabashi station and red-colored dots are all beads- related shops. Vertical street right to the station is Edo Street (]ŒË’Ê‚è) and Kiwa–{“X on this street is the biggest shop in this area.
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Kiwa 2007/11/7 12:07
I love Kiwa! It`s a great places to buy jewelry making supplies. I`Ve been to the one in Asakusabashi, but there`s also one in Harajuku. I can`t remember the name of the complex it`s in right now (LaForet?) but it`s where the HMV in Harajuku is. However the Kiwa stores there not as big as the ones in Asakusabashi are though.
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Yuzawaya 2008/7/21 00:46
Yuzawaya also has stores in miniami senju and tsudanuma which are both within easy reach for anyone reasonably close to Tokyo but they also have stores outside Tokyo.


They are not exclusively a beads shop so are great if you have other craft orientated hobbies but the true beads specialists are KIWA, Asakusabashi has the best stores, part 3 which deals in swarovski beads and part 2 which does everything else plue beading supplies. If you take the Sobu line to Asakusabashi and turn right, they are on the same side of the road about a 3 minute walk. From the toei line, follow the signs to the JR line and once you come up out of the station, again, turn right and follow the road. The strore in La Foret in Harajuku only has minimal supplies and it is smack in the middle of a complex full of shops aimed at teenaged girls - I wouldn't recommend it, especially on the weekend, you can't really move in there!
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similar question on charms.... 2008/12/15 16:05
The replies to this post have mostly answered my questions, but I just want to verify - do the bead shops in Asakusabashi also carry charms/pendants? Specifically, I am looking for Japan-oriented charms (a fan, an origami crane, etc) that could be attached to a charm bracelet.

Is it safe to say I could find something along these lines in Asakusabashi, or am I better off to go to a store that sells casual jewelry? I'd like the charm to be of reasonable quality (ie, not look like it came from the 100yen store), but it doesn't need to be anything extremely fancy.

Thanks for any advice!
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