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Kanazawa how many days to see? 2007/11/6 21:10
I am planning to go to Takayama for the spring festival in April and would like to then go onto to see Kanazawa. Can anyone who is familiar with the area, suggest how many days I should stay to do some site seeing in Kanazawa without rushing. I do not know the area and how spread out the attractions are..
by Sophie  

... 2007/11/7 09:55
here's some info on Kanazawa:

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... 2007/11/7 10:31
I recommend two days to see the major sites at a leisurely pace.
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Kanazawa 2007/11/7 12:09
Hello! I currently live in Kanazawa. As Uji stated, 2 days should be enough :) You could probably spend a half a day at Teramachi alone (temple town, a lot of really interseting sites/places) but it all depends on where your interest lies (I assume you are going to see Kenrokuen, its absolutely beautiful now!)
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What about Noto-hanto (Noto Peninsula)? 2007/11/7 17:56
Thank you all for your advice! While I am asking :) what about the Noto Peninsula? I heard there was an earthquake there this year which did some damage. Would it still be a good place to visit and if so how do I get there from Kanazawa? Also any suggestions on accomodation in Kanazawa and the noto peninsula. I would like to keep my travel experience as Japanese as possible so would like a ryokan. Mid-range price..
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Kenrokuen ,kanazawa 2007/11/7 22:32
Hi Lyndsey,
I will be visiting Kanazawa on 25 November,would it be too late for the Kenrokuen's autumn foliage?
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starting this week 2007/11/8 07:46
As autum color just started this month in noto you might be lucky and still see it in November.
Noto ist a beautiful palce with lots of nature, traditional crafts and friendly people. You might also like to vistit Nanao and its island notojima just north of Kanazawa. Here you find a glass muesum and an aqua zoo with dolphin show. Next to Nanao there is Wakura onsen. A town well known for its hot springs. Noto is good place to stay in a traditional ryokan hotel. Around the year there are festivals with some rahter untypicall to northern japan like the dragon dance. If you want to explore noto it might be good to lend a car. There is no shinkansen and buses are few. Have fun in Ishikawa! ^^
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Noto 2007/11/8 12:16
Thanks Pam! It sounds a lovely place I might plan on heading there after I see Kanazawa..I love nature and I am really looking forward to seeing a more traditional Japan so hopefully this will have both!..
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noto hanto--amazing 2007/11/9 01:18
I just got back from Kanazawa and the Noto Hanto. I stayed in Sosogi and walked all the way up to Cape Rokku (it took me about 6 hours). I missed the last bus back to Sosogi, but a nice couple from Saitama drove me back to my Minshuku. The scenery was spectacular and I only encountered one other person walking. I will never forget this walk as long as I live....I dream about returning in the summer to camp out and walk down the east side of the peninsula.
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21century art museum 2007/11/9 04:05
Hei! In addition to the above mentioned we found the 21 century art museum absolutely wonderful in Kanazawa. It is right next to Kenrouku garden. Well worth a visit even for the arhitecture itself.
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Noto 2007/11/9 06:19
Dave, That experience sounds absolutely fantastic! It is sometimes those unexpected things and plans that go differently than expected that turn out to be the most memorable..
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