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Is she telling me the truth 2007/11/7 04:46
I have an indonesian girlfriend in Japan. She was a muslim now she is a christain. She has not told anyone about me and does not want me to visit her in Japan because she is afraid of what the other muslims in Japan will do to her if they find out she has an american boyfriend or if they find out she is a christian now. Is this true, is it dangours for her in Japan if the other muslims find out she has an american boyfriend?
by Kennyray  

. 2007/11/7 10:09
It is quite complicated matter. It might not be dangerous for her in Japan, but maybe with her family, or people back in her home country if they found out she converted religions.

Again it might be a situation with her and her family as we do not know all the facts I can't tell you if she is telling the truth or not.
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. 2007/11/15 14:23
Well, this matter has nothing to do with Islam itself but has more to do with Indonesians. I am Muslim, and dating non-Muslims is perfectly fine for my family and I. Those with strict rules and laws come from specific countries. Religion varies from country to country as does culture so it really depends on what crowd she's hanging around. I haven't heard much about a big Muslim community in Japan, but I don't see how anyone can be upset about someone having a foreign boyfriend.

If it helps, try looking into the Indonesian culture to see how the people generally view dating outside their race/religion.

What she says can be somewhat of an excuse, but I am not sure. Once again, I have never seen a Muslim community in Japan(however, I have seen a few Japanese Muslims and Indian Muslim families here and there).
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