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Do i need a bachelors degree? 2007/11/7 07:56
Hi everyone i just wanted to ask if i need a bachelors degree to get a visa to work while i am in Japan? i know it would make things alot more easy, but is it possible to get one without this??

Thanks for the help.
by james  

. 2007/11/7 10:06
For a full fledge work visa yes.

Unless you have some experience in one of the specialized fields they allow, but this has always been vague information.
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faq 2007/11/7 10:06

A working visa for most jobs typically requires a university degree or 5-10 years of relevant work experience. If you are married to a Japanese national, then you can work without a working visa or degree. Same applies if you have permanent residence status.

Details of the various options are given here...
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. 2007/11/7 10:07
If you are in Japan in some other status, that is not temporary visitor, then it might be possible to work part-time. Also if you come from a country that offers working holiday visas, then you can work, but only for a limited amount of time (about 1 year) before you have to go or get a real work visa.
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? 2007/11/11 05:54
Did I get this right?
Even if I might get contracted for several years, I might not get a visa that lasts long enough without a university degree?
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visas 2007/11/11 09:35
If you don't have a degree or a number of years experience in the field you wish to work in, then you are only eligible for a working holiday visa, and then only if you are under 30 and from certain countries. Student and cultural visas also permit part-time work.

A company will not offer a long term contract to someone on a working holiday visa or any other non-work visa.

Year-long contracts are standard in Japan anyway. It is rare for a non-Japanese to be taken on as a permanent employee (seishain) f they don't have permanent residence or a spouse visa.

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