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All hotels per person, not by room? 2007/11/7 08:09
I booked a trip for March of next year and my travel agent says that if I go alone my room will cost more if my other party drops out. Are all Japanese hotels per person, and not per room like in the U.S. FYI my hotel booked is Shinagawa Prince Hotel.

Thank you in advance.
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... 2007/11/7 09:52
Not all hotels charge by the person. Typically western branded hotels charge by the room rather then then number of people.
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. 2007/11/7 10:05
I've stayed at the Shinagawa Prince so many times, even before they built all those additions to it.

Sometimes they give a price discount if there is say 2 people, a twin room might costs 20000yen (example only), but if one person was staying in it it might cost 14000yen (again example only), so if one person drops out the price might go higher.
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thanx 2007/11/7 17:46
Thanks guys. I work at a hotel near Disneyland, CA and all the hotels I know charge by the room, I just found it wierd when my travel agent could not tell me why the price changed for more.
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Single rooms and double rooms 2007/11/7 22:26
In Japan it is quite usual to pay almost double if you stay with two persons in a room compared to staying with one person in a room. The room you get for two persons is simply bigger than a room for a single person.
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Hotels 2007/11/8 03:28
Not just in Japan. Most Euro hotels also charge less for a single than for a double ortriple but then the room is smaller too. Luxury hotels charge by the room pretty much everywhere but then they charge so much, compared to budget and moderately priced hotels , that it makes sense that the 2nd or 3rd person doesn't pay extra..
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