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UK TV help please 2007/11/7 19:42
Can anyone help, i am moving to Japan in Dec and i am wondering if there is a UK TV service other than sky like jstv in the uk
by C  

Yes 2007/11/8 20:05
Get skyperfectv for your British footy. C`mon you gunners! Only have BBC world as a channel. Sorry no channel 4 or 5. Get all the the discovery, history channels as a package or pick and choose...fairly cheap over here compared to the rip-off sky back home.
Enjoy viewing especially in the countryside as there aint too much to do here.
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Thanks 2007/11/8 20:08
Thanks Mate i did look into that and it looks ok.

there is plently of Saki to watch the footy ;) even if there isnt much to do
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Re: UK TV: freeview! 2007/11/8 20:40
I decided against SKY when I discovered freeview; SKY is expensive and Virgin Media is only slightly cheaper.
Now that the UK has almost completely moved over to digital TV you only need a cheap freeview decoder which might already be built in into your TV to receive lots of free TV channels on your TV. Check the following link for the channels offered: http://www.freeview.co.uk/home
If you want football, you can get Setanta (http://www.setanta.com/) for a relatively low fee a month.
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TV 2007/11/8 20:42
sorry Kappa we are talking about TV you cn get in Japan not uk
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Aargg :-) 2007/11/8 20:47
Indeed, I just saw it myself.
/hitting myself over the head now/
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