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anybody tried a navy christmas party? 2007/11/8 01:01
My boyfriend invited me to their christmas party in Yokosuka but I am not sure what to wear and how to look. They said women dress too sexy and overdressed.
Can somebody help me with this?
by munch24  

. 2007/11/8 11:49
Just wear whatever you want to wear. Don't worry about what the other women maybe wearing or might not be wearing. Ask him if it is a formal or informal party.
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christmas party 2007/11/8 14:33
If you are talking about going to a christmas party on base that is organized by your boyfriend's command, you will see all kinds of dress. I have never been to a navy command christmas party that has been formal, but I have seen fancy cocktail dresses, daytime dresses, slacks, you name it, only probably not jeans. I am talking about all of the above at the same party even. Wear what you would be comfortable in going to a nice party or out to dinner, and you will be fine.
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thank you so much 2007/11/8 21:56
thank you for your advices... maybe i am just nervous i'd look like different coz i planned to wear just shirt and jeans...hahaha.. my bf said wear anything you like... anyways thanks and advance merry christmas.
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HELP! 2007/11/15 12:02
This isnt an answer but a question. My boyfriend is in the navy and they are having a christmas party. I dont see it being really fancy but I have never been to one. Well I am NOT a girly girl and I dont wear dresses. Do I have to wear a dress? Or can I wear nice slacks and a sweater? PLEASE HELP!
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Wear Dress 2007/11/15 13:02
Kel, i think it's good to wear dress. Not the overdressed one or clashy one... Maybe something with simple designs but really fits on you. I saw pix from my bf; there are some who are so overdressed but some who are ok... but most of them wears dress..i will consider checking my closet again for a dress...What's ur bf's ship?
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Christmas party wear 2007/11/15 13:24
If you don't wear dresses, you don't wear dresses. They won't refuse you admission if you are in slacks. I'd recommend a nice pair of slacks and a nice blouse or sweater but you won't have any fun if you can't stand what you're wearing. Be comfortable but remember it is a big occasion for many people and they will dress up...that's their choice.
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