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Spouse visa query. 2007/11/8 02:40
May be a stupid question but I can't get an answer from anyone I've asked.
I'm applying for a spouse visa outside Japan. I've been told by other spouses that when I first receive the visa I can't travel outside Japan for the first year, even if I have a re-entry permit. I think this is a bit daft as I do have to travel to and from the UK a couple of times a year. Is this true or a load of rubbish?
Thank you senpais!
by Urusai  

. 2007/11/8 11:47
I've never heard of this requirement!
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Spouse visa 2007/11/8 14:21

Sounds like a load of rubbish to me. I think it is true that you cannot leave the country while your visa is being processed, but I've never heard anything like this "first year" rule.
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B.S. 2007/11/8 22:08
Whoever told you that was full of it. Sorry to say. I am here in Japan on a spousal visa and I got my re-entry permit within a year. I went back to my home country within the year and had no problems! I am sure you'll have no problems as well! Have fun traveling!
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... 2007/11/9 08:48
I can also prove this wrong based on my own expeience as a spouse visa holder. I left and re-entered Japan five months after getting my spouse visa and have never heard of a requirement like that.
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Cheers! 2007/11/13 23:02
Thank you all who replied. I knew it was rubbish, but that little seed of doubt gets sown in your mind.......
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