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Weird things to do in Tokyo 2007/11/8 08:57
Tokyo 23-ku
Any suggestions of things to do in Tokyo that only locals know about that you couldn't do at any other major city? For example in Paris they have a tour of the sewer system.

Here are some of my contributions to start off.

1) Go to a maid cafes and Boys Love/Butler Cafes

2) Go to the Absolute Ice Bar

3) Watch cosplay in Harajuku

4) Dine in Alcatraz/The Lockup/Ninja

5) Check out latest toilet technology in Toto Superspace

6) Get training on earthquake emergency procedures in Ikebukuro fire station

7) Check out the Tokyo Parasite Museum

8) Stay in a capsule hotel

Ok, that's all I can find from the net. Please feel free to contribute your ideas and add on to this list. Thanks.
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. 2007/11/8 11:37
Nothing wierd in watching people in harajuku, if you wanted to do something unique then you dress like the people in harajuku and have people watch you.
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weird stuff 2007/11/8 11:59
you say
"something that only locals know about" but you only list things that are known by people who haven't ever been to Japan, thanks to the internet and all sorts of magazines..
same with Paris..nearly every guidebook mention tours of the sewers and of the catacombes (French spelling) ! more unusual are movies and parties in underground quarries, as one has to be truly a local to know when and where!!
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You want the catacombs of Tokyo? 2007/11/8 12:03
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... 2007/11/8 13:38
You're probably looking for thing "Unique" to Tokyo rather than "Weird."

I like a lot of the things on your list except the Absolut Ice Bar. It's a chain and they can be found all over the world, so in that respect it is neither unique nor weird. btw, that hellodamage site's got some pretty interesting sounding places to check out.
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... 2007/11/8 14:14
Thanks for the link to hellodamage. Really lots of interesting things. Schoolgirl saliva for sale??? That is UNIQUE!

Sorry about using the word Weird, pls don't take it too literally or be offended. Yes, Unique will be a better word.

The list I put up is, as I mentioned, is grabbed from the internet. It is meant only to indicate what I meant by unique things in tokyo, not to show my knowledge of tokyo or to show something only the locals will know. Also, I create the above list to indicate that I am not referring to attractions like Disneysea or Sensoji, yes, these places are unique to Tokyo or Japan, but I meant a different kind of unique, hope everyone can understand what I meant.

Which brings us back to the whole purpose of this thread. Locals, please show us unique places that we can only experience in Tokyo by adding to this list. Thank you.
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Unique or Weird? Whatever.... 2007/11/8 14:30
To add, by using the word unique now instead of weird, it doesn't really need to be literally unique, because places like Taiwan and HK and probably Korea are copying some of the stuff in Japan anyway.
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