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Live-in helpers? 2007/11/8 21:40
We are moving to Tokyo next year and I am interested in finding out about live-in maid services. Can someone give me an idea of standard hours worked, work you can expect the maid to do, pay rates (is there a minimum wage requirement set by the government for expample), legal requirements, where I can get information on the process of applying for and employing a maid etc. I am assuming that for a live-in maid the employer pays for food and toiletries? Also, am I correct in assuming that if a maid is to live-in with a family then she cannot legally work for another family? We currently employ a full time live-in maid in Singapore but I am seeking guidance as to how this is done in Japan. My husband's visa will allow us to sponsor a helper.

In addition I would be interested in knowing the same information for a live-out maid to work approximately 20 hours a week.

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not the same 2007/11/9 10:17
Japan does not have a culture of employing live-in domestic help. You will most likely be able to employ part-time help at an hourly rate of 1500 yen per hour.
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Live-in Helpers 2007/11/9 14:04
www.tokyowithkids.com would the place to find this sort of information.

good luck
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Trouble is 2007/11/9 14:45
I can't find many recent posts on Tokyo with kids - it doesn't seem to be terribly active and I know visa information has changed recently. Does anyone know?
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Tokyo With Kids Forums 2007/11/9 17:33

Tokyo With Kids has been slow for a while due to a serious spam problem, but it has now revived thanks to a renewal of the system and is starting to get lively again. Try posting a question and see where it goes.

Also, Tilt seems to have dug out a thread that might interest you.
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