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What do Japanese think Native Americans? 2007/11/8 22:19
My husband and I are going to Japan next year for a much deserved trip. We have always wanted to go there so it is like a dream come true. We are both from the Native American reservation in North Dakota; Hidatsa Native. What do Japanese think about us? We are wondering if we will get a lot of questions there like we do here.. (ie..Are you really native? Teepees and whatnot. :) Basically what to expect.

Thanking in advance...

Would love to talk to someone from Japan.

(Always remember to have a good day and smile)
by Rebecca  

mmmmm....... 2007/11/9 12:36
i dont know if people in japan really understand what being native american means. Im a mexican american living in japan and people get a bit confused with my heritage. some of the friends ive made here always tell me too that they didnt initially think i was american because i have brown skin and curly hair, so i try to be as polite as possible and explain about the diversity of the states. but if i was you i woulndt worry too much about it people here are extremely nice and respectful so enjoy your well earned trip and have fun.
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Thanks 2007/11/9 21:25
Thanks so much for your response. That is great to know what to expect.
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.. 2007/11/9 22:12
Hi Rebecca,

First, Ifd like to welcome you to Japan!

Of course, It depends on the person and is difficult to generalize. But there certainly are some J people including me who have so much interest in and respect/sympathy for the Native American people and tradition, if not knowing well the name and difference of the tribes. So it may well be that you will get a lot of questions about your life or something from someone of those you talked to here. At least, I will do if Ifm in that position :)

Enjoy your trip!
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Thanks 2007/11/9 22:57
Seems like everywhere we go we get a lot of questions. People seem to think that natives no longer exist. Crazy, but true.

We can't wait to go. It is so hard waiting till next year! :) This has been such a dream for us. Thanks for giving me some answers!
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WELCOME TO JAPAN 2007/11/10 02:31
First, I don't think few Japanese could recognize you as Native Americans, by accent or whatever, unless you declare so. If you don't, you will be supposed to be Americans of East-Asian descent or Latinos. However, not a few Japanese are sympathetic for the tragic history of Native Americans and willing to learn the present status of Reservation Territories, including myself.
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Native talk 2007/11/10 03:57

I think that you will enjoy Japan. Although it is very possible that you will meet people who will want to know about you and your heritage, I suggest you consider the possibility a bonus. Should it even come up!

I know people who have traveled to Japan and never had the pleasure of entering into close conversations with a gnativeh Japanese person.

Generally speaking the people are generous and gracious. In my travels to Japan, I have yet to meet a Japanese person who was not genuine and honest in their curiosity of me. If you are open enough to sit and talk with people you meet try to keep this in mind: In the states you may be enigma whereas in Japan you are a person with a wonderful heritage.

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Thanks 2007/11/10 04:46
We would love to talk to some people in Japan. We are trying to figure out some ways that we can learn some language to be able to communicate. Living so far out in the country and so far away from everything there is a really limited supply of info. :) Been thinking about trying to find some people to write to/talk to on here.

Thanks everyone.. You have been so nice.
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