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Futon cost 2007/11/8 23:57
My fiance and I are thinking of renting a room for a month when we go to Japan for our honeymoon in May. Since there is a possibility that the room would not have a bed, or would only have one... what is the average cost of a futon? Or do they sell AeroBeds in Japan? That could work too.

(maybe we should just buy a large AeroBed here and carry it over)
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... 2007/11/9 09:55
futon start as cheap as 2000 yen and go up from there. I have seen aerobeds, and other inflatable beds, available but they seem expensive (I can't remember how much though). You could bring one but they are also heavy.
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. 2007/11/9 10:05
If you're going to rent a so-called "weekly-mansion" or "monthly-mansion" (which actually are furnished room for weekly/monthly rental), they do have beds.
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2000 JPY futon comfy? 2007/11/9 23:32
2000 yen sounds like a very affordable price for a futon... is that comfortable though? I rented a spare room on a previous trip (really wish that guy still lived in Osaka!!) and that room had two old futons in it. They were both pretty uncomfortable and I had to put them on top of each other to be comfortable (vinyl floor). Plus, my fiance is a pretty big guy, so he is probably going to need something pretty thick to be comfy.

And to answer the other question about a weekly/monthly mansion. I am not sure what I will end up doing. It is always a gambe to rent from an individual, but renting a room versus an apartment will be much cheaper. I think we could rent a room for 35,000+ a month where a monthly apartment would be two or three times that. (still better than a hotel or hostel!)
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... 2007/11/10 13:31

House-sharing (renting a room) is relatively new in Japan, and it's not like
you can just show up to rent a room for a short period of time that easily,
unless you have a friend with a spare room in their house, obviously. I
recommend going straight to a weekly apartment/mansion rental company, you
pay one month's deposit, pay one month rent, sign an agreement, and that's it; make sure that it is furnished (most are). BTW, for that budget, I think you would only be able to get dormitory bunk beds... nothing for a honeymoon. For your information:

Futon come in different thickness/hardness as well as sizes too. Some prefer it pretty hard (they can't sleep on fluffly Western style beds), so that may have been the case :)
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budgets 2007/11/14 00:35
35,000 isn't really my budget, it is just what I paid to rent a room last time. That worked out really well, but I know I was pretty lucky with that.

The futons I mention before were old and worn. I don't think it was that they were firm so much as just worn out.

I have been looking at weekly/monthly mansions online... it is a little difficult sometimes because it is all written in Japanese. I can read enough to make out some key points, but not well enough to know all the details.

The mansions seem fairly reasonable in price, the trouble is just that all the beds seem to be singles and I can't read well enough to know if some offer double beds.
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