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mini bottles alcohol 2007/11/9 23:03
Pls tell me where can I buy mini bottles alcohol /made in Japan/, some adres in Tokyo or e-mail adres for special shop. I will be in Japan so I want to buy it for my frend's collection. Thanks for all information.
by Ala  

mini bottle..... 2007/11/13 02:28
i googled japanese sake mini bottle, but coulnd find.
actually i have never seen sake mini bottle.

but if you want to look for, its better to visit big liqure shop. where do you stay??
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mini bottles alcohol 2007/11/13 04:50
Tamaki-san, as I'm now at home in Czech Republic I cannot go to the shop and ask about minis, I would like to see /befor my trip to Japan/ in internet what can I buy and how much it cost. I don't think only about sake, my favirit is whisky - Suntory, Nikka and another. I find Liquors Hasegawa e-shop but I did't find there the minis.
I don't read japanaise so perhaps somebody help me to find in internet, where is this shop and if they sell minis. Perhaps in Yoshiike shop?
Thanks for your help!
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Ala san! Dobry den! (right?) 2007/11/15 19:38
ok. i understand!

this is the web shop for examble.

6 bottle set costs 2730yen (Inc VAT)

*suntory hibiki 17years old (670yen)
*suntory hakushu 12yo (620yen)
*suntory yamazaki 12yo (620yen)
*suntory the old (230yen)
*suntory vsop (298yen)
*royal 12yo (378yen)
each 50ml

i 2,600~ (ō2,730~)
price(i) 2600yen(inc VAT(ō) 2730yen)
without posting charge()

they have not only web shop but also shop. but they are in Fukushima.

the other shop in yokohama.


nikka special blend 300yen
nikka the blend 330yen
nikka G&G black 250yen
nikka all malt 1500yen
kirin robert brawn special 230yen


Royal 12yo 420yen
yamazaki 12yo 630yen
hakushu 650yen
suntory old 40 280yen
suntory reserve 10yo 290yen

but im not sure they sell off-line.

where will u stay in japan?
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mini bottles alcohol 2007/11/16 01:27
Dear Tamaki-san, I see you speak Czech, it is very nice!
Thank you very much for your great information. As I hope to be in Yokohama-Aobaku it will be very easy to go to this shop in Yokohama! I'm supreised that the prices ase so nice! Arigatou one's again
and kiotskete kudasai. Ala
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