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How to write address on letter to JP? 2007/11/10 12:43
I have a major confusion with the address i have, and i do not know how to write the address on the letter so that it will successfully reach the person in Japan!!
My friend sent me a letter, and now i want to write back! it shows on the senders address: xxx-x, sashima, kawaguchi city, saitama, Japan. I see that they have this postal code? but i dont think she has written it on here? is it possible to also provide me it in kanji, i would like to write both just incase, dont worry, i write good kanji :) so it wont be hard to read! thanks alot!
by Tina Teng  

... 2007/11/12 23:37
As long as you have the full address (with city and prefecture name as well), you do not really need the postal code. But here it is.

In Romanized Japanese:

FIrst name Family name
XXX-X Sashima,
Kawaguchi City, Saitama,
333-0816 Japan

In Kanji (if you must :))
Family name first name l
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