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Yukata for chubby girl too...? 2007/11/11 04:25

I'm heading to Japan in next years spring (in Tokyo and Kyoto area).
I'd like to buy yukata and all necessary accessory for wearing it (like shoes, socks, obi etc.) from Japan.

Only BIG problem is that I'm quite roundish and tall as well.
I'm exactly 173 centimeters (something like 68 inches) tall and my waist is something like 100 centimeters (about 39inches). I fit in size 42 (US: 12, UK: 14, JPN: 11).
Is there any chance to get yukata (or a every day kimono) for me?

If so, which areas in Tokyo or Kyoto I should visit to find a proper store?

Thank you very much for helping me in this! :)
by Eri  

yukata 2007/11/13 02:14

first of all, there is two ways to buy yukata.

1. get just ready-made yukata
2. buy "tanmono"(cloth) and order to sew.

normally ready made yukata are solled in sommer.
so if you visit in spring, i think its too difficukt to get it and it will be not fit you.

so get cloth for yukata and just order.
of course it costs more than ready made yukata, but you can get yukata with your favorite cloth!

yukata cloth are solled in kimono store.
you can find kimono store in department store or shops in town.
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Marui model 2007/11/13 08:55
The section of the Marui (the sign looks like OIOI) department store called "Marui Model" sells large and tall sizes for women- they might well have some yukata in your size. Not until at least June though I wouldn't think.

Most ready made yukata in department stores come in only one or two sizes, and those are quite small.
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--- 2008/1/8 13:01
e-bay has litterally HUNDREDS, so im sure youll be able to find one there to fit you.
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Shoe size? 2008/1/8 13:25
Not sure but do you have a large shoe size? If you're above a size 9 you won't find shoes for your yuukata in normal malls or in yuukata sets.
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this may help. 2008/4/2 14:40
I just visited Japan this past January and I also visited Kyoto. I'm about your size, US 13, and I bought a Yukata at Kiyomizudera. There's a street that leads up to the top where Kiyomizudera is located. Along that street, there's a shop that sells Yukuta for 1050Yen. It's a great quality and cheap. However, the Yukata itself doesn't come with the obi so you'll have to purchase that as well and it cost 1050Yen. Basically, everything in that shop is 1050Yen. Hope this helps.
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yukata size is fixed 2008/4/3 18:00
Somebody can correct me if I am wrong, but I made my own yukata in Japan a few years ago. As stated in a previous post, I bought my fabric at a kimono store. The fabric comes on a roll of a specific length (several meters worth) with enough for only one yukata. The width of the fabric is fixed (about 30 cm). All the rolls of fabric at the store were the same as far as width. Because I made the yukata myself, I know that it is made up of about 8 panels of fabric side by side and you can't make it any larger than that because the width of each panel is fixed (30 cm). The only part where you could possible gain a few centimeters is with the seam allowance.

Therefore, even if you were to have an yukata specially made, it can`t be made bigger than the original fabric allows, and since the original fabric is sold on rolls of a specific length and width, there is a maximum size.

That said, I am 175 cm tall and skinny with a waist of less than 80 cm, so I fit into my yukata fine. When I made it, I made sure to make it as long as the fabric on the roll would allow, so it is a bit longer than the store bought ones. Even with a waist of about 100 cm, I don`t think that you would have a problem fitting into a store bought yukata. Even I stuff towels around my waist to thicken me out and make me look flatter across the chest (as is done traditionally, but maybe not with towels) when I where my yukata.

Now, in contridiction to what I have just said above, and something I would love to hear if someone actually knows, sumo wrestlers wear yukata and they definately are a lot larger than the average person. Is the width of the fabric larger or is the yukata made differently? The same goes for men`s yukata. I assume the fabric is of a different width. Anyone know?
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not fixed 2008/4/5 23:42
It's great you made your yukata on your own!

Generally speaking, the width of kimono fabrics vary between 36-40 cm for female, and 38-42 cm for male. It may not be unusual that one specific shop sell fablics with the unified width only.

To make a kimono/yukata for pretty large men like sumo wrestlers, they seem to need another roll of the same fablic to be added.
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Yukata 2008/4/20 14:00
I am about your size (12-14) although much shorter. I bought a ready-made yukata and it fit me fine without a problem. It just wraps around less than it does little Japanese women.
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