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Working holiday 2007/11/11 08:59
Hello! I'm a student in England and I'm really interested in getting a working holiday Visa to work in Japan. A family friend of mine suggested that I work as an English teaching assistant as you only need to have taken a short teaching course to qualify for most jobs of that type (of course, I intend to learn Japanese for at least a year or so before I go). She also said that it would be possible to live with a host family.

Can anybody (preferably somebody from England who has done a similar thing themselves) give me any more information or advice about doing this?

Thanks for looking!
by Lauren  

have a look 2007/11/12 22:54
hi :)

you shall check the Japanese embassy web site about working holiday visa !
i checked for you

Here is the link

bye bye ^^//
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WHV easy to get 2007/11/20 21:05
Hi! I think I'm in a similar situation to you.
I've applied for (and got without any trouble) a WHV that allows me to live and work for 12 months in Japan. Once issued, you have 12 months to enter the country (meaning you can apply for the visa before booking flights and stuff if you are nervous about where you'll get it).
Apart from having a degree, I don't think you need any other qualifications to work as an English teacher.
If you don't want to find work by yourself, you could always go with a program like JET.

Good luck! :-)
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