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Work Visa vs Holiday work visa? 2007/11/12 02:42
Ifm confused on the difference between a work visa and a holiday work visa. I am 30 years old and from Canada and was planning on getting a holiday work visa. I plan on working in the entertainment field which i have 10 years experience... I have looked on this site for the requirements for a regular work visa and it doesnft give much info... if I can get a regular work visa which will allow me to work more then 15 hours a week that would be great... so anyone have any ideas how to get a regular work visa and whatfs the limitations? I would like to know what to ask for before i walk into the Japanese embassy.

Thanks for the Help.
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Visas 2007/11/12 22:39

First I would suggest reading through the information on this very site. It outlines the differences between regular work visas and the Working Holiday Visa.

Unlike the Working Holiday Visa, which you get first and then look for work, to get a work visa, you first need to find an employer that is willing to sponsor you. Details of the individual requirements for the various types of work visas can be found on the official Immigration website.
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