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3 months in Tokyo - cost? 2007/11/12 23:49
Hi everyone!

I'll be starting a 3 month language course in Tokyo from the end of March and am curious about the cost of living.

I am doing a home-stay so 2 meals/day and board are covered. I know that I can buy very healthy, delicious and inexpensive lunch throughout the city but in addition to that, transport and general day-to-day stuff all add up. Are there any students/ex-students who can advise me on this?

Thank you so much!
by Milla  

Homestay 2007/11/13 01:23
Sorry for this, but I'm just wondering where about and how you came across getting to do a homestay? I'm interested in doing that also.

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Kudan institute 2007/11/13 04:05
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home stay 2007/11/13 07:12
J also check out this site http:www.homestayweb.com

The coast of everyday living is totally dependent on you.
Most of the everyday living expenses are a place to live, food, and transportation. You have the 2 most important ones taken care of. The rest will be up to you, I mean how much traveling you want to do, how many attractions you want to see how many things you buy. You can spend a couple of thousand or a couple of hundred a week it's really up to you. Take what you can afford and if you don't spend it all, good for you. Just make sure you spread your money out so it will last the whole trip. Remember to be safe be well and have fun on you trip.

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How much? 2007/11/13 10:49
Hi Milla,
How will you get to & from home & school, bike, trains? depending on how far you need to travel trains can cost 300 to 1200yen round trip each day in the 23-ku area. cheap oishii lunch 500yen + or - a few 100yen, a bottle or two of tea 150yen each.
Everyday things? i'm guessing your homestay family will provide for your "normal"hygiene needs, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, laundry? Do you smoke or like going out for a few cocktails?
good luck and enjoy your time.
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3 months in Tokyo - cost? 2007/11/13 20:50
Thanks for all of your responses!

I don't smoke and rarely drink alcohol - maybe once/month. Intially, I will travel to and from school via train/metro, dependent on where my host family lives.

I just meant for things like lunch, occasional cinema trips and weekend cultural things like galleries and so on.

I will buy my own toiletries (out of preference). I'm so lucky that the basics - food and board - are covered!

For things like tours (outside of Tokyo) and gifts, I will just see whatever I fancy.

Thanks again!
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