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working 2007/11/13 06:25
Hello Everyone,

i have a plan to move and work in Japan
but my problem about the kind of work i could get or do , i don't have any idea
but what could i do over there ?
i won't like to be a teacher ...

i'm French, so what do you think the Japanese wants me to do?
i thought about translating job but i don't know where i shall get the informations of tanslation agencies

if you have some advices iwouldbe glad to know them

thanks in advance for your reading, suggestions, helps

* Christal *
by Christal  

qualifications? experience? 2007/11/13 08:45
What are you qualified to do? Do you have a university degree? If not, I'm afraid the chances of you getting sponsored for a visa are almost zero.

If you have a degree and experience in the IT or finance sectors for example, it could be quite possible for you to find a job.

Translation, especially for languages other than English, is a hard field to get into and usually needs experience and some good networking in Japan to break into. I assume your Japanese is at least JLPT 1 level?

If you don't have a degree and/ or prefessional work experience, and don't want to teach, then I'm afraid there are not a lot of options.

If you do have qualifications/ experience, let us know what kind and maybe we can give more detailed advice for that field.
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