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I really want know 2007/11/13 23:24
if i only want to live in japan with my husband(i am spanish he is greek) but no work or study just live there. if is posible buy a house and get residence.
by jesica  

Buying a house? 2007/11/14 09:26

One minute ago I answered to a guy in another thread that has more or less the same question. It seems that you are whealty and you can live in Japan with your own income, withouth working, WOW, lucky you! Japan is a very expensive place to live. Do you want to buy in cash your home? How much and what kind of house do you want?

The first thing you should do is to click here where it says "show all.... question on living". Then if you read the so many posts that have been written about this matter, you will find the answer for most of your queries. There is all about visas, cost of living and so on. After that, you can post here again if you have some special matter that you want to know about, and gladly, people in this forum will post you back.

Also you can go to the Japan Embassy in your home country and I am sure they will provide a lot of information.

Hope it helps you in giving the first step. Good luck!
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Possible 2007/11/14 09:34

if i only want to live in japan with my husband(i am spanish he is greek) but no work or study just live there. if is posible buy a house and get residence.

Yes, it is possible, provided your husband is working and has a work visa.
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Living in Japan? 2007/11/14 10:05
Dear Jesica:

After reading David's answer, who is a master for real information, I noticed thay maybe my answer gives the impression that I am a realtor in Japan, no no and no.... I am just a Nice mom who happens to be happily married to a japanese and right now we don't even live in Japan. I just love to read this forum, keep me close with my kids and as a matter of fact I am a psychologist who loves to help and gives her two cents when she can.
I made the question because you can buy a house in Japan but if you are planning to get a mortage, the banks give it to residents that have some xxxx time in Japan, also I was planning to help you in giving info about costs, if you want a house, an apato, or a "manshion" (which is really a flat and not a real mansion)

Once again good luck to you, and David in Saitama, thank you for giving her such an accurate data.

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Dave 2007/11/14 11:04
Dave, is really good at answering questions about all things Japanese and he (you Dave) seems to take time in considering options for most posters. However Jessica say's niether she or her husband plan to work or study here so I was suprised by his (your) answer.
I think (and I could be wrong) that buying property and living here with no type of VISA would be next to immposible. Maybe if your finacial resources were of an astronomical amount you could.
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No visa category. 2007/11/14 12:53
If neither of you plan to work for a company in Japan then there is no visa that will allow you to stay here long term.

Being expensive and crowded Japan is not a common place for people from overseas to retire, so there is no system set up for foreigners to live here without being either employed by a Japanese company or studying here.

Contact your local Japanese Embassy for confirmation on this.
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Clarification 2007/11/14 12:55
I was assuming that Jesica was asking whether she could live in Japan with here husband without (her) working. The answer to this would be yes. However, if they both want to just live (retire?) in Japan for an extended period of time without working, then this would of course not be possible.
I don't think there are any restrictions on buying land/property in Japan, but as mentioned by Nice Mum, permanent residence is a prerequisite for getting a mortgage.
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NO 2007/11/14 19:35
The answer to question is NO you can't.
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How bout a Muay Thai Gym? 2007/11/15 06:33
I have a similar problem except when i finish in the military i'm looking to open a muay thai gym and use my pension to bankroll it. would it be possible for me get a long term visa and perhaps permanent residency if i do this?

Dave from Saitama-I'd like to get ur 2 cents worth mate since u seem in the know.
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Not easy 2007/11/15 07:53

Unless you are married to a Japanese national, moving to Japan to set up your own business is close to impossible.
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me again 2007/11/16 02:49
I love Japan and my dream is live there/ but i am a writer and i pretend work to an editorial of spain(cause i write in spanish) with my incomes from my work i want give a good life to my husband. but at same time i want reach my dreams. for that i wanted know if i can get a residence for both of us without need work to any company there. tnx ^^
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Still want to know? 2007/11/16 04:11

God bless this Forum! As myself and Sira said before, contact your local Japanese Embassy, thay can provide you the information.

Now, in which country .... not don't tell us yet. Some Embassies are more open-minded than others, depends in which country you are, and in some special cases they do help aliens. So, depending in your answer, I can get some info, cause I have some friends here and there, and can get some truly information. You got it?
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visas again 2007/11/16 08:02
Again Jesica, no visa category exists for what you want to do, sorry. You need to work for a company here, or study in Japan to get a visa, other wise the Japanese government doesn't see why you should be here.

Talk to the Japanese Embassy in your country if they will spare the time.

Incidentally have you been to Japan before? If not, it may bequite different from what you are imagining.
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