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US size 8-10: want trendy clothing 2007/11/14 02:16
I'm a US 8-10, 5''7, wearing a C cup bra. Will it be easy for me to find young, trendy clothes at this size in Japan (specifically Osaka and Tokyo) or will I be more limited in my choices? I don't want to shop at US or UK brands either. Thanks.
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tricky 2007/11/14 13:06
If you don't want US or UK brands then you really limit your selection. Options could be Uniqlo, maybe Muji, and the occasional special section of stores like Marui Model- the large and tall size aprt of the Marui dept store.

I live in Tokyo and take a US 6 and I find that I don't fit the largest pants size in most Japanese stores, with the above exceptions. The size range in Japanese clothing stores tends to be very small, and Japanese women are often a different shape to non-Asian women- as a Caucasian I have wider hips relative to most Japanese women so the pants and skirts often don't sit well on my hips and waist even if they are theoretically the right size.

C cup is on the large side in Japan- you will probably have trouble buying bras here, and many shirts and sweaters won't have enough room in the chest for you.

The majority of my clothes bought in Japan (I actually tend to buy a lot of things when I go back to my home country) come from Zara, Benetton and Gap, with a fair amount from Uniqlo, although I am 5'9" (174cm) so the pants at Gap and Uniqlo are too short for me.

Once you have been here long enough you will probably just buy what fits- I know I can't afford to be picky about what country the clothes I wear come from, I would hardly have anything to wear at all if I was.
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Unfortunately, yes 2007/11/14 13:43
The cutest clothes are always in the smallest sizes, sadly. I am a US 4 and usually I cannot fit into trendy Japanese pants because of my thighs- the pants are straight cut hip to ankle, not designed for hips or thighs at all! Skirts are a little better, but even with my waist (65 cm), they can be tight. Most of the trendy girls you see in the cities are what we would think of as a 0 or 00. Once I even had a staff girl stop me when I tried to enter a shop and say "Sorry, we only sell up to medium here", implying that I was too fat to shop!

If you search around you will be able to find some things. You can find t-shirts and cutsews that usually fit, though if there is print on them and you're larger than an A cup sometimes it looks funny (I know, I'm a D!) Bras I've never had a problem with because in the cities they carry up to G cups in most lingerie stores, just remember your Japanese size is one or two up from your American one. In Japan sizes I wear an E or F. Unless you are a US F or so, you can find cute underthings.

As Sira said, Uniqlo carries larger things, and you might also have better luck at department stores than boutiques, since department stores cater to a wider variety of sizes. Also, if you are into Japanese punk/gothic fashion you can find dresses and things that fit sometimes. As in America, many punks and goth here are non mainstream girls, and a lot of times that means they are the larger Japanese girls and the brands cater to them.
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