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Living in Japan for foreigners 2007/11/14 04:52
Hi everyone

I'm from czech republic and i would like to live in Japan one day. I study on the university of law now, i know it isn't good choice if i want to work in Japan. But i was thinking about making a licence of fitness intructor that i could work as a intructor. However i'm willing to do anything to live there oneday. I wonder if it is possible to live in Japan for foreigners? I know i should be able to speak Japanese well, i'm hardly working on it(^-^) Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for reading
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Japan for foreigners 2007/11/14 09:10
The first thing you should do is to click here where it says "show all question about living" Then if you read the so many posts that have been writed about the same question you will find the answer for most of your queries. You will find about visas, cost of living and so on. After that, you can post here again if you have some special matter that you want to know about, and gladly, people in this forum will post you back. Hope that this info will help you in giving the first step. Good luck!
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Sorry please! 2007/11/14 09:35

Sorry for my grammar :

I wrote "that have been writed about" it should be:
"... that have been written about...."

Sorry & thanks, where is my head? See ya.
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