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Can I get Kanji engraved on chopsticks? 2007/11/15 02:12
Tokyo 23-ku
At the Meiji shrine, there was a man that would customize chopsticks for you, but in Hiragana.

My last name is Japanese, and I'd like to get some engraved with the name but in Kanji, if possible. Does anyone know anywhere that does that? Preferably in the Tokyo area?

I feel like such a tourist, heh.
by Paul H  

=) 2007/11/16 20:10
Hi, there is a guy who does laser beam etching to engrave almost everything that has flat surface :D

He is in Yokohama and he speaks English and Chinese. So you can call his cell pone directly. i shouldn't post the number here no?

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Thanks 2007/11/17 02:46
Thank you for the help; You're right, you shouldn't just post it here. Plus, I've seen the annoying spammers, so I'm kind of afraid to just post my e-mail here...what would be the best way to transfer that number? Do you have a 'junk' e-mail address you're not afraid to post? If not, I can create one and then post it here.

Thanks again for you help.
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exchange 2007/11/18 18:46
Okay I made e-mail address.
so,now you can send your's to above address yes?

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Hodad 2007/11/19 02:08
I have sent you an e-mail. I appreciate the effort in helping me. Thank you very much!
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Can he do mine as well 2007/11/19 16:50
I dont have a Japanese name but can he do mine in Japanese characters.

Or do you need a proper JPN name as my name was written in Chinese even though I have an Indian name.

As they write what they pronouce
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etching 2007/11/19 22:43

Your wellcome,Paul.Actually,I might do my chopstick a laserbeam name etching too for my bento box :D

Abhi,he can engrave in any form of writing I suppose. You should consult with him for what&how exactly you want. For his cell number,just email me to above posted address please.
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