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Urgently need advice 2007/11/15 10:04
I was a NOVA employee and my health insurance expired with no warning or notification from the company.I found a new insurance provider,applied and paid but I'm waiting for them to send me my insurance certificate and card.All I have from them at the moment is a copy of my policy number.The problem is I'm sick NOW and need to see a doctor.Does anyone know if the Doc will accept my policy number as proof of my insurance or do I have to have the actual card?I don't mind if the company pay up or not,I can pay at the hospital either way. I just need to know if I'll get treatment with only my insurance number.Please help!
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... 2007/11/16 22:30
Show a copy to the hospital staff. They may accept it or ask you to pay the whole amount but give you back the insured portion when you come back with the official card.
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... 2007/11/17 10:24
You can get treatment without any kind of insurance. If you don't mind, you can just pay the whole amount in cash at the hospital/clinic.

The hospital people would wonder if you are not signed up with the National Health Insurance scheme, but show them the number of the insurance you've got, and see if they recognize it.
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