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Where to buy Yutanpo? 2007/11/15 12:18
I live in New York City and am looking to buy a metal "yutanpo"- does anyone know a good website or store in NY that sells them? Thank you!

by Anna  

oyasumi yutanpo 2007/11/24 21:56

I started using yutanpo this season. Yutanpo makes my bed so nice and warm. But mine is just like this one (URL) and its plastique. I didn't see many traditional metal one when I bought mine.

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Marukai 2009/2/17 16:38
I don't know if you have Marukai store in NY? I live in LA and I found my Yutanpo at Marukai. Good luck!

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metal yutanpo 2009/11/26 01:05
this may not help very much but i have used both plastic and metal yutanpo, one purchased at Soko Hardware in San Francisco and one in i think Kyoto, and can tell you from my experience that the metal ones can rust and the plastic ones can be damaged by filliing them with boiling water, which is probably something a person with more sense than i have wouldn't do. i don't know if they make non-ferrous models but in the future i will probably try to heat-dry the metal yutanpo after emptying it. once while we were traveling in Arizona i saw 2 copper bedwarmers and since i have so much junk i told myself to resist buying one but now i wish i had it. apparently the British and Amereicans make these things out of non-rusting metal but i haven't seen any Japanese products like this. i found your message by Googling yutanpo and if i learn anything that might help you i'll llet you know. in my opinion they should make a quality yutanpo out of stainless steel and get it over with. good luck and please let us know if you are able to find what you're looking for.
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yutanpo 2009/11/26 09:59
in my opinion they should make a quality yutanpo out of stainless steel and get it over with

They do. They also make them out of copper, rubber, and ceramic (just don't drop those). This probably doesn't help if you're looking to purchase one outside of Japan but here's some links to the different kinds available:


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