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Do you know if Kishiwada is a safe city? 2007/11/15 14:18
I would like to know if anybody lived in Kishiwada city, if I can find any English speaking contacts in the area (i am canadian from Montreal going in this city for 2-3 month)? Do you know a good area for renting appartment? Lots of questions,,,
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Near by 2007/11/17 02:29
I'm one town over from Kishiwada and go there often. I don't know anything about apartments ther however..sorry. Is it safe? Yes I have never had even a small feeling of uneasiness at anytime of day or night. It's very convient you'll have easy acees to the Nankai train line. Kansai airport is a short 20 minutes by train, Osaka city 35 minutes. You'll also be able to make day trips to Kyoto or Nara, Kobe is also close. Kishiwada castle is a decent place for viewing cherry blossoms and it's only 200 yen to get into the museum inside and to the top for a decent view. Right next door is The Danjiri musuem which is a one of a kind place (600yen I think) there is also a cool natural history museum near the same area. There is also a Caholic church that has mass in english on the 3rd Saturday of every month. Shopping is pletiful and theres lots of great little restaraunts. Kishiwada train station is also very easy to navigate. All in all you will enjoy your time in Kishiwada especially if your here at Danjiri time. see link


Video of Danjiri


Be sure to hope over and see my town, Kaizuka while your here.
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Japan is pretty safe 2007/11/17 09:57
There are not really any "dangerous areas" of Japan to live in. Even the red-light districts are relatively safe. Mugging etc. is almost unheard of here- in any city.

The riskiest aspect of some areas of Japan is earthquakes- Tokyo is really dangerous if you use earthquakes criteria, but 20 million people still live here.

The Kansai area is much less earthquake-prone, so can't even be considered dangerous in that aspect.
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earthquake 2007/11/17 18:42
Gods only knows which area will have a strong earthquake next time. Kansai had a terrible earthquake 12 years ago and thousands of people died, I am afraid.
We Japanese tend to leave this thing to Gods. But, we have a very good national emergency system to let the people know in advance nationwide through the media or internet. We cannot warry too much about it, we just live on as usual.
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