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vehicle insurance 2007/11/15 21:19
My grandparents have a car which they no longer drive and have offered it to me to use whilst i am in japan. I have a valid IDP and the vehicle has shakken and insurance. I have been told that i require additional insurance for me as the driver, rather than just the vehicle. I was hoping I could just borrow the vehicle rather than transfer ownership into my name. Can anyone provide any details please?
by ken  

vehicle insurance 2007/11/17 11:10
Hi Ken,
Anybody who drives car(moto also) must have insurance (Jibaiseki Kyousei Hoken)mandatory insurance. And in addition you can have Ninee Hoken for damage compensasions. If your grand father already have Ninee insurance maybe you only need mandatory insurance.
You can check out exactly what you need at AIU. If you drive without one you will get fined big time.

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