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Sumo - Seats 2007/11/15 22:51
There are three different kinds of seats: Tamari, Masu, and Isu. I was able to see sumo in May 2007 with Masu B-seat tickets, but this time I would like to be as close to the stage as possibile. Kokugikan's webpage for online sale only has Masu and Izu seat tickets. What are the seats next to the stage called and how can they be ordered? I'm guessing it would have to be by phone. Also, I have plans to go by myself, but the only tickets available on the website are for 4-people boxes only. Sale for the January tournament starts on Dec 1st.

I found information here: http://www.sumo.or.jp/ticket/tokyo.html#kokugikan

And here: http://www.sumoticket.jp/
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- 2007/11/18 22:08
I know that the ringside seats are called tamari now and that they have to be ordered in person at the Kokugikan Box Office. Is it hard to get tamari tickets? I plan to go on December 1st and wait outside from 7 or 8 a.m.
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ringside seats 2007/11/19 08:10
You mean the seats right next to the dohyou? I have always heard that it only possible to get those seats if you are very well connected, for example knowing someone who is a financial supporter of the sumo association.

Good luck, definitely let us know if you manage to get a seat.
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SUMO 2007/11/19 09:29
The "average joe" can get ringside tickets. If you can't get to the ticket office the day tickets go on sale & they don't sell out, you can order from (Pia Tickets) I know they offer a mid-week special? 2 ringside seats for about 18,000yen.

I've sat ringside twice & in my opinion the "best" seats are the first row in the upper deck. Much cheaper & a great view.

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Pia 2007/11/20 21:05
For Pia, it says that tickets can be ordered for the box seats and the arena seats only. There is no mention of ringside ticktets (tamari).


I'll see what I can do on Dec 1st. Actually, on November 30th (Friday), the box office is handing out a numbering system to determine who gets seats. I'm worried because Asashoryu is returning for this tournament and I fear the tickets will sell out faster than usual.
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seats 2007/11/21 08:25
For 18,000 yen O'sakana has to be talking about the Masu seats. As far as I know the ringside seats are not sold to the general public.
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Ringisde - Tamari 2007/11/21 20:54
Ringside tickets are mentioned here: http://www.sumo.or.jp/eng/ticket/tokyo.html#kokugikan

The sale starts on Dec 1st.

I've seen foreigners on TV siting in ringside seats before.
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"Ringside" 2007/11/21 21:01
Of course, I don't mean the first row. Ringside seats are any seat on the floor surrounding the ring.
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sumo seats 2007/11/21 22:18
Foreigners sometimes have connections too! I watch the sumo almost every day it's on, and have been a fan for a number of years and I have seen perhaps one or two foreigners in those rows.

I can only assume those people are well-connected somehow and have probably been in japan a long time, because as far as I know, that's the only way to get those seats.
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take a seat 2007/11/22 11:31
Ringside/Masu-seki, one in the same.

The real question is, can I sit in the "first row" if I bring my own cushion with me?
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Paying 2007/11/22 14:52
I had one last question about paying. Do I have to pay at the box office on Dec. 1 or when the tickets are delivered, if they do that. I'm going to Kyoto tomorrow and I hope I'll have enough money left over.
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... 2007/11/22 15:07
I believe most of those front seats are reserved seats as in season ticket holders. I would say the cooperations hold most of those seats hence you see people of variety.
Best bet is to call there or have the hotel concierge (with advance notice) arrange to get you a ticket for one of those front
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- 2007/11/22 16:47
I live in Japan and can go to Kokugikan on Dec 1st at 7-8 am.
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... 2007/11/22 17:19
Please, let me know the outcome.
I would like to be able to get the front seat someday.
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Ringside Tickets 2007/11/30 11:48
Today (November 30) the box office is handing out a numbers for ticket sales, but the actual sale starts tomorrow. I'm nervous because on Wednesday, I already saw people camping out on the news.

Also, Asashoryu is scheduled to make his public apology this afternoon around 5 p.m. before he is set to return to the ring in January.
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Tamari Seats 2007/12/1 20:34
I was able to get a ringside ticket today at Kokugikan. Only 3 out of the 15 days were left unsold, so I was able to get a ticket for Tuesday. When I arrived, I was given one of the numbers, I got 628 and could not purchase a ticket until my number was called (around 2 p.m.). Also, I found out that taking pictures is not allowed in tamari seats (according to the message with the ticket), but I've seen people taking pictures from tamari seats on T.V. all the time. Maybe if I don't use flash, I shouldn't draw too much attention. Oh well, another month until the tournament starts...
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Arena Seat 2007/12/29 17:08
I have a ringside ticket, but I would like to go again after thr 20th to purchase souvenirs from the gift shop and also see the game from arena seats. Either seat is fine: A/B/C section, but I would like to purchase from Family-mart. I found some information here: http://www.sumo.or.jp/eng/ticket/tokyo.html#playguide, but this system is new to me. What do I do when I go to Familymart? Also, will they be sold out? I'm looking at the last two games on Sat./Sun. Thanks!
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... 2007/12/29 17:23
The arena usually sells out on weekends. Senshuraku is already sold out now:

As also mentioned on the above page, there are 350 tickets being sold on the day itself. So, if you go early enough, you can get one of them.
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Arena Seats 2007/12/29 20:26
Thanks Uji, I forgot to check the availability page. Anyway, right it looks like Sat (26) is the only option left. I cannot purcahse one until after the 20th. Can I purchase one the same day? I'm sure there would be something left. It's just so I can purchase souvenirs from the gift shop and take a few pictures from the top.
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... 2007/12/30 03:22
The arena seats for the 26th will likely be sold out by the 20th. But check the information under "Same Day Ticket Sales" on the same page.
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