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How I write Brasil using Kanji? 2007/11/15 22:56
How I write Brasil using Kanji?
by Pablo  

there ya go : 2007/11/16 23:40
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katakana, not kanji 2007/11/17 11:26
You know that Brasil isn't written using kanji (Chinese characters) in Japan, right? I just showed the above kanji to my Japanese husband and he had no idea what it said.

Brasil is written in katakana in Japan, like this: ブラジル

The kanji in the above answer will not be understood by most Japanese speakers.
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Kanji for countries 2007/11/17 18:31
Lots of countries have names in kanji (米国 - USA, 英国 - England, etc.) but I believe that they are not commonly used. 伯剌西爾 for Brazil is correct and the kanji is picked because of their phonetics as they map on ぶらじる.
See also link: http://www.jmode.com/kanji/kanji_countries_3.html

However, as Sira pointed out, the reading of the kanji is not readily understood by all Japanese. :-)
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... 2007/11/17 22:10
Though we rarely use full kanji for the country names,
people know it means Brazil when we see the letter 伯
as a country name.
The same goes for 独(Germany), 西(Spain), 仏(France), 豪(Australia),
蘭(Holland), 露(Russia)...etc.
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