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Going to Japan without a plan? 2007/11/17 05:36
Hi everyone! I have been reading through the forums for quite some time now and found a lot of interesting info. I plan on moving to Japan during the winter of 2008 with a child of a Japanese National Visa. My Japanese is average at best. I am able to understand the language since my parents speak to me in Japanese, but my speaking ability is not that great. My main concern is going to Japan and not being able to find a job. I plan to brush up on my Japanese but that still will not be enough as most companies require that you are a native speaker. I was wondering if anyone here went to Japan not knowing what they were going to do for work and what they ended up doing. PLease share your experiences. I am an accountant (BA degree) with about 2 years of work experince, and currently working on my CPA license. Are there any accoutants here that were able to land a job in Japan? I know that most people teach english but because of what happened to NOVA in the recent weeks I don't think that I will be pursuing any type of teaching jobs. Any comments would be greatly appreciated :)
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Good luck! it.s tough 2007/11/17 21:26
I lived there thru the nineties and my kids grew up as japanese.The best way is to find a company here in america that have branches in japan and transfer. Just going to japan and hoping to find a good job will rarely work.all the best josef
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