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Japan Summer Trip/Internship 2007/11/17 08:08
Hi guys,

I am planning to go to Tokyo for two months this summer with my brother. I am 21 and he is 16. I want to finance part of the trip by teaching. I found some English Teaching programs for myself but I'm not sure what to do about my brother. Since most of the programs cover lodging and plane tickets, he would not be able to go.

I figure we could plan it on our own but I am kind of lost. If I could find an apt. and a local teaching job, he could then come to work with me. (It is not necessary that he works, I just don't want him to be bored for 8 hrs a day)

Do you guys have any suggestions/cautions about trying to do this w/o a program?

Also, what are the rules for length of stay with a passport? Or can I not officially work until I get a visa? Since it is such a short trip, a visa seems out of the question.

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... 2007/11/17 10:09

You are missing out on the visa part completely. Neither you or your brother can teach and earn money in Japan without some kind of work-permitting visa. And to be employed and teach at an English-conversation school type of place, the minimum educational requirement (for the company to be able to sponsor you for a visa) is a bachelor's (4-year) degree (or at least several years' experience in teaching, if you want to do teaching). And they normally hire on annual contract, so two months would be out of the question.

If you happen to be one of the nationalities where there is Working Holiday Visa arrangement with Japan, you could possibly find some short-term job to help finance your trip (you still of course need to pay for your own air fare though), but as far as I can read from your situation, that's the only possibility. Please search on this forum of MInistry of Foreign Affairs website for the eligibility (I don't know exactly which country qualifies.)

Otherwise, you simply need to save money and just come as tourists to enjoy Japan! :)
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Thanks 2007/11/18 05:35
Thanks AK

When I looked at websites like www.transitionsabroad.com, I think I might have been confused when I saw the Summer Internship programs. I guess they are only available through a placement program and you have to be a college student so I would have to go alone.

Thanks again for the help and info.
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