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still confuse over "made" & "madeni" 2007/11/18 20:08
Dear All

I still confused overまで & までに.

For example,
あの しごとは あさっての よる(までに) おわらせてください

At the (), I wonder why まで must have に?
I did some question before and I remember sometimes only まで is necessary. But I can`t find the example.
Kindly teach me on getting the right concept regarding までに and まで.

Thank you

by Jason  

. 2007/11/19 15:47
まで : till, until
I'll be at home until 7 o'clock.

までに : by
Please come to my home by 7 o'clock.
(i.e. you can come earlier.)
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Thank you 2007/11/21 21:19
Hi there

Really appreciate your teaching. Sorry for the delay and thank you

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