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Night photos/Christmas - where? 2007/11/18 22:27
Tokyo 23-ku
I'm looking for places to take night photos while I'm in Tokyo sometimes. So far, I've been to Tokyo, Akihabara, Tokyo Tower, and Shinjuku, but now I'm looking for other places. I was most impressed with the photos I took in Shinjuku.

Also, where can I take good pictures of recent Christmas decorations outside?

by Joe  

... 2007/11/19 11:47
Takashimaya Department store in Shinjuku!
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More suggestions 2007/11/19 12:02

Try Tokyo Midtown and Decks in Odaiba.
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* 2007/11/19 12:06
Roppongi Hills...

Very nice there!!!
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Winter in Tokyo 2007/11/19 12:37
Those were all very good suggestions. I will be in the area on Dec 1st. Roppongi seems to be interesting because I haven't been there yet. What about Ginza (From Yurakucho or Hibiya Station)?
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Photos 2007/11/19 20:29
From the top of Sunshine City, Ikebukuro is good. You mentioned Shinjuku but there are some good Izakayas at the top of the Sumitomo and NS buildings where you can get some great shots. The bar and the top of Shiniagawa Prince is pretty goos as well (across to Roppongi hills and Tokyo tower on one side and Odaiba on the other). With Roppongi Hills being so central though it's great for a lot of Panoramas.
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Rainbow Bridge 2007/11/20 20:58
Thanks for the suggestions. When I watch the news, I see Rainbow Bridge and Tower Tower together. Where can I get this kind of picture? I'm guessing Roppongi right now.
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Typos... 2007/11/20 20:59
Sorry, I meant "Tokyo Tower."
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Finish 2007/11/20 22:52
When do the christmas displays usually finish? I will be in tokyo from the 2nd Jan, and was wondering if the displays/lights will be still up.
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Night views 2007/11/20 23:01

The classic view of Rainbow Bridge with Tokyo Tower behind is from Odaiba. The Fuji TV building observatory gives a good view, but you'll be shooting through glass with annoying reflections. The promenade in front of Decks and Aqua City is also good, as you can include the statue of liberty replica. Right now, there's an illuminated heart set up on the Decks promenade through which you can photograph the Rainbow Bridge/Tokyo Tower combo.
If you have time, a trip to the Minatomirai area of Yokohama is also worth it at night.
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Illuminations 2007/11/20 23:17

A lot of the Christmas decorations come down abruptly on 25th December - sometimes even midnight on the 24th. Less Christmas-specific illuminations will run into the New Year.

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Odaiba 2007/11/21 08:30
I went to Odaiba this summer for the first time after a trip to Kamakura, so it was in the afternoon. I had time just to visit all of Odaiba's attractions, but it was late at night and a lot of the places were already closed. So, another trip to Odaiba would be great if I could get that picture from the Fuji TV building.

Also, when shooting through glass I turn the flash off and put the camera up to the glass.
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Night Photos 2008/1/6 22:33
I was able to get good Christmas/night photos from Kyoto Station when I went in November. But now I'm trying to find out where I can get Tokyo Tower with the city at night. I recently saw a picture here from Shinjuku, but I'm not sure of the location (center building). I also know Roppongi and Odaiba are good places.
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