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Teach french in japan 2007/11/19 15:37
Hello, first of all, I am not english so sorry if I do some error. I want to know if any of you know if we can teach french with a : EFLS - Enseignement du franais langue seconde, I'ts like the: TESL-Teach English as a Second Language, but for french, if we can teach at school like Nova with only my high school certificate and a EFLS certificate. Or do you know if there is any other place that need people even if I do not have my bachelor's degree? Thank you.
by Fitzzer  

Teaching French 2007/11/19 17:35

If you are a native French speaker, teaching qualifications are not essential. However, a university degree is a requirement for getting a work visa.
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degree or 3 years' experience 2007/11/19 17:38
The problem with not having a bachelor's degree is not the employer, it is that you are not eligible for a working visa in Japan if you don't have a bachelor's degree, so no-one would employ you.

If you have 3 years or more experience teaching French already then you may be granted a visa- those situations are on a case by case basis.

There are not so many jobs around for French teachers, and there will be a number of French teachers already in Japan looking for work right now with the collapse of Nova.
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